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On top of standard network engineering positions, there is a range of in-house careers to choose from. That isn’t surprising, since freelance engineering calls for in-depth knowledge of diverse network types, including LANS (local area networks), MANs (metropolitan area networks), WANs (wide area networks), WLANs (wireless local area networks), GANs (global area networks), SANs (small area networks), CANs (cluster area networks), PANs (personal area networks), DANs (desk area networks), and VoIP. Cloud computing is also on the rise, making the profession more desirable than ever.

It is IT we are talking about, after all. The sector has seen rapid expansion in last decades and is projected to keep branching further. Ensuring the integrity of network infrastructure nowadays has a whole new meaning to it. It is often the case that network engineers work directly with clients on top of maintaining their usual duties. The category includes company employees as well as customers and, often, suppliers.

When it comes to network engineering, there is no lack of senior positions. The profession is one of the most rewarding ones, with engineers getting promoted to other IT positions being the usual practice. Given that a number of certification options is available in addition to relevant degrees, a network engineer may easily redirect the career towards the desired path.
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